Plug & Play CoFounder-as-a-Service

Growth Hacking for Venture-Backed Founders

With a methodology designed around minimizing spend while maximizing ROI, the Baxter & Brunello suite of tools allow for a "CoFounder-as-a-Service" offering - helping founders overcome the hurdles separating them from hockey-stick growth.

Unnat Bak

Director | Strategy & Growth

"The foundations of any venture - be it a fast-paced VC backed tech startup or a brick & mortar business - needs key infrastructure & automations, not to replace staff but rather to augment their abiliies"

B&B Experts

Leadership at Baxter & Brunello comes from all over. Here is the team at the helm of the ship.

Unnat Bak

Director | Strategy & Growth

Will Pazos

VP | eSports & Blockchain

Aki Dairo

VP | Marketing & Strategy

Stuart Bernstein

VP | Data & Finance

Ashish Sharma

EVP | Product & Portfolio

Brooke Botticelli

MA | Marketing & Strategy

Jordan Ntolo

FL | Business Development

Leslee Moss

FL | Operations & Admin

Plug & Play

Simple and effective processes, built to scale with your venture.

There isn't a cookie cutter plan - every deal is structured uniquely to the founders & their management teams, after a careful discovery process.

In-person or remote

Location or distance don't hinder our accelerator sessions - we work with you when it's convenient. Our teams are global, so late-night and early-morning sessions are no problem.

Multi-faceted strategies

Let our expert team come in and work with you on high level strategy while our teams also do the grunt work. Focus on your 'A-list' of tasks while we execute the 'B-list' and 'C-list' of 'nice-to-haves'

We're along for the ride

We don't work on a one-off basis, but rather we look at long-term relationships where we can deploy resources & capital during the different stages of the company's growth.

Companies we've helped scale up

The Baxter & Brunello team has worked with founders from all across the globe.


Our Plug & Play methodology allows you to harness as many or as few services as you need, available when you need them for however long you need them. Focus on your 'A-list' of tasks while we take care of the 'B-list' & 'C-list' based on our experience.

Wireframes & UX Design

UI Design & Prototyping

Webflow Development



Drip & Logic Flows


Automated BD


Custom Automations


Prepare to Fundraise


Build scalable recurring revenue with simple automations.

We understand bootstrapped businesses, and that's why the toolkit that we have for founders works so well with results in the 3-digit-percentage results.

Our Blog

Relevant articles & posts from our expert team

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Unlimited design requests for a fixed monthly fee

No limits on what you can request - we've done it all from building out entire design systems to helping flesh out additional features or integrations. Our fixed fee structure allows you to plan without worrying about hours worked, or our Strategy & Design hour-block offering allows you to utilize us a-la-carte.