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We help you design & build the product infrastructure and execute the tasks required to scale your engineering teams. A fractional CTO is one of the crucial resources that every competitive firm needs to maintain their competitive edge.

These multi-faceted, well-experienced, and highly creative heads are responsible for creating the overall strategic direction for a company - enabling efficient utilization of technologies throughout.

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Infrastructure & Planning


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  • Pre-MVP / Idea Stage
  • Feasibility study of product
  • Advisory or mgmt of tech talent
MVP / V1 Teams


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  • 1x Full Time Engineer (~35 hrs/week)
  • Integrated directly to your team
  • Weekly standups & reporting
Post-Launch / Road to Series A


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  • 3x Full Time Engineers (~35 hrs/week)
  • Integrated directly within your team
  • Weekly standups & reporting + planning

“We went from 0, to 3 engineers, to 6 engineers, and now 10+. You can't beat on-time delivery that's also high quality.”

Michael Carney
Chief Operating Officer

"Very, very happy - easy to say: our technology partners for life. Can't wait to work with the growth team next."

Connor Gilbert
About us

Technology Evangelism & Scaling

Baxter & Brunello will lead you through the discovery stage, help you choose the optimum tech stack, assess your product’s strategy & dev costs, and vet the right talent or solve specific technical issues ourselves.

Whether you require an unbiased consultation about your solution, want to fill in the technological leadership gap, or seek ongoing support from an ace virtual CTO — we've got you covered.

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